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We work hard to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and reflect dairiday’s commitment to excellence. To this end, we proudly maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality throughout the production process.

In fact, thorough testing is applied uninterruptedly at all parts of the process that brings our fresh milk and its derivatives from our precious cows to your dear home. We highly prioritize all necessary actions to provide for the control and verification of a product’s characteristics.

We conduct several control checks in our laboratories to test the quality of the raw milk before receiving it at the factory. This is a crucial step as milk is the bedrock of all of our dairy products.

First off, we make sure that the milk received is free from any antibiotics. Then, we conduct several analyses including pH tests, coagulation tests and temperature checks.

The lower the level of somatic cells, the better the quality of the milk. Through these procedures, we ensure that we are in line with Libnor’s standards as well as our own internal standards.

Then during the production of dairy products, the quality department is in continuous supervision and control with the production department, ensuring uniformity of the products between a batch and another as well as consistency in terms of taste.

The quality control team aims to ensure that the product is fit for its purpose, consistent, and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations.

chemical and microbiological analysis

The final products go through chemical and microbiological analysis, as well as through Censorique tests through which we check the taste. We certify that the products meet the food safety and nutritional standards, make sure that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards and apply the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure the quality, the freshness and the taste of the product.

Everything has to comply with the regulations and existing standards and a final approval is given before products are distributed to our consumers. But our work doesn’t end here. We continue to monitor the quality of the products in the various points of sales and its evolution over time throughout its shelf life by preserving samples of each batch and making sure the products are of high quality and safe to consume.

sterilization and personal hygiene

Beside food safety related to the raw ingredients, sterilization and personal hygiene are also key factors. We wear hairnets, white clothes, wash our hands frequently and make sure the environment we work in is all clean.
We also ensure the highest level of sterilization, by which all areas, materials and tools used during all the process are, many times a day, cleaned and sterilized before and after they are used to prevent any form of contamination.

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our health & safety standards

At dairiday, we have always adopted the highest health and safety standards because we genuinely care about our consumers’ health and wellbeing.
We believe in doing business the right and responsible way and are proud to follow Libnor’s standards. Since the inception, we implemented the complete safety procedures as per Libnor’s regulations and obtained certifications that testify to our ability to offer best in class products. Our products thus abide by the highest health and safety standards as well as clinical levels of hygiene.

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