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As dairiday is on the verge of entering a new era of innovation, development and expansion, we are working internally as a team on redefining our Vision and Mission, harmonizing our Values and synchronizing the kind of Corporate Culture we aspire for.
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Besides ensuring that the dairy food or dairy drink you buy meets the highest standards of food safety, we also pledge for environmental protection and aim to minimize our footprint on the environment. In fact, a large part of our waste is recycled as supplemental feed or fertilizer. We repurpose the manure produced by our cows and use it as a natural fertilizer that helps our crops thrive. In fact, manure greatly contributes to the fertility of the soil as it is natural and provides valuable nutrients.

Water is an essential element and we take our commitment to the environment very seriously by continuously looking at ways to conserve water and cut costs without compromising on either animal welfare or dairy hygiene. For instance, we reuse the clean water used to cool the milk to wash the cows and clean the milking parlor, the equipments and the factory and then collect it and reuse it to irrigate the feed crops.

rural development

We strive to have a continuously positive impact on the local community. Since our early days, we have been committed to source the fresh milk from both our own farm and from a select group of adjacent farms that were chosen based on stringent criteria and quality control measures.

We are proud to support farmers in the community and to play a part in promoting regional development, providing economic and social opportunities, raising agricultural standards and developing the sector as a whole.


We firmly believe in the importance of having our children understand the need for a healthy and balanced diet, as well as knowing the origins and nutritional value of the food they consume.

We regularly invite school children to our factory to show them and explain to them the way dairy products are made, as well as their dietary benefits.
Moreover, we took the decision back in 2012 to establish a presence at the educational theme park KidzMondo in order to further educate kids on the way products are made, cows are milked, products get from farm to plates, etc.

  • Establishment of the company
    Establishment of the company
    dairiday inaugurates its factory and farm
  • Introduction of fresh milk
    Introduction of fresh milk
    dairiday pioneers in the introduction of fresh milk to the Lebanese market
  • Start of the home delivery service
    Start of the home delivery service
    dairiday ensures that fresh milk is delivered to your doorstep every morning
  • dairiday wins the Pikasso D’or
    dairiday wins the Pikasso D’or
    dairiday celebrates its successful milk campaign
  • Partnership with Kellogg’s
    Partnership with Kellogg’s
    dairiday secures a major partnership with cereal leader Kellogg’s
  • Launch of the Solight line
    Launch of the Solight line
    dairiday launches a special range of products to cater to those with dietary needs
  • Rebranding
    dairiday marks its 10th anniversary and offers itself a full rebranding
  • Factory Expansion
    Factory Expansion
    dairiday expands its factory to allow for increased production
  • Acquisition of New State-of-the-Art Machines
    Acquisition of New State-of-the-Art Machines
    dairiday acquires new state-of-the-art machines to optimize production
  • Opening of the dairiday pavilion at KidzMondo
    Opening of the dairiday pavilion at KidzMondo
    dairiday inaugurates its presence at the KidzMondo theme park. Drop by our pavilion!
  • Exporting Ayran to Iraq
    Exporting Ayran to Iraq
    dairiday launches its tasty Ayran on the Iraqi market