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Where is dairiday located?
Our farm is nestled within the stunning landscape of the Bekaa valley. As for our factory, it is situated in the town of Kfarchima, the birthplace of well-known artists such as Melhem Barakat, Majida El Roumi and Philemon Wehbi.
Where can I find dairiday’s products?
Our products are available in every major outlet around you and in most supermarkets and grocery stores across Lebanon.
Are dairiday’s products free of any additives and preservatives?
Our products are made using only natural ingredients and are thus certified free from any additives and preservatives.
Are dairiday’s products made without GMOs?
Our products do not contain any trace of GMOs. We are committed to offering you the healthiest and most natural dairy products possible.
Are dairiday cows given growth hormones?
Our cows are free from any kind of growth hormones, in line with EU standards which prohibit the use of hormones.

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